Reasons To Install The Best Hybrid Flooring At Your Abode

Reasons To Install The Best Hybrid Flooring At Your Abode

Hybrid flooring has been all the rage among Sydney homeowners and if you are wondering if it’s worth all the hype, the short answer from us would be, yes. After all, they are fully waterproof, with high durability while still being cost-effective and stylish.
But the reason they are called hybrid flooring is that they are mostly not made of natural wood from trees. So, the question arises, are they any good? Is hybrid flooring actually worth installing in your Sydney homes or commercial spaces?
Read on to find out more about the different types of hybrid flooring along with their specific pros and cons. Once you gothrough this you would be able to make up your own mind about hybrid flooring and whether it would be a suitable flooring choice for your Sydney home. 

Let us first explain what exactly is hybrid flooring in Sydney?

In Sydney, hybrid flooring is more of a recent and modern phenomenon that has come into a trend in the current years because of the multiple efficient factors like balancing durability and style. Hybrid flooring is also waterproof and very cost-effective which makes it a great option for commercial or residential spaces. The hype of hybrid flooring is because it is a product of modern innovations and build with the latest technologies of floor manufacturing. This is why hybrid floorings offer you some of the best features of vinyl, laminate and hardwood. Hybrid flooring has the durability of laminate, water-resistance of vinyl while embodying the rustic beauty of hardwood floors. They also come in a varied range of designs and styles you won’t find in other types of flooring. For example, you may find vendors offer hybrid flooring designs with decorative and textured printed layers. There is a protective layer of coating on top with a waterproof and rigid core board to prevent any kind of damage to the flooring. Other kinds of hybrid flooring also have an acoustic layer attachment that helps reducing noise production and transmission to create a quieter experience wherever you install them. With this, the need for installing extra underlayment also becomes unnecessary making them more cost-efficient. 

There are two basic types of hybrid flooring that is commonly found in the Sydney market. 

These are SPC and WPC. 

SPC or Stone Plastic Composite Hybrid Flooring is made of PVC and Limestone. Whereas, on the other hand, WPC or Wood Plastic Composite is made of PVC and recycled wood. 

There is not much difference between these 2 types of flooring as they both offer high durability and stability wherever they are installed in Sydney. But SPC tends to offer slightly higher durability along with better density because of the limestone composition. But, WPC tends to offer a better walking experience with a quieter and softer underfoot.
When it comes to style both are equally stunning and bring their unique, contemporary style wherever they are installed.
If you want to save money then SPC tends to be more cost-efficient as they are cheaper in comparison to WPC types of hybrid flooring.
Installing the best hybrid flooring in your commercial or residential spaces in Sydney is a great idea as it would not only last long but also up the style quotient of the zone. 

With the basics of the best hybrid flooring out of the way, let us discuss some of the benefits of hybrid flooring and why they would be the ideal and modern choice.

  • Style Factor :

If you are someone who is concerned with maintaining modern and stylish looks even in flooring then you would find hybrid flooring to be the ideal choice. The best hybrid flooring in Sydney is made using advanced printing techniques so you would be able to choose from a broad range of designs. If you want the realistic look and feel of true timber floors then hybrid floors can very closely imitate the same with textures and surface design. Many hybrid floorings look quite similar to oak and Australian timbers. However, you can also find designs that imitate the style of tiles, slate or marble. The choice of styles is never-ending when it comes to hybrid flooring. 

  • Cost Efficiency :

The affordability factor is one of the greatest benefits of hybrid flooring. Hybrid floorings are affordable in Sydney as they are composed of cheaper materials than pure timber. Like we discussed before their composition primarily includes plastic with limestone with very little wood. This makes them quite cheaper in comparison with pure timber engineered flooring as that requires more tree harvesting for wood. So, in a sense, hybrid flooring is better for the environment as well. On top of this, the best hybrid floorings are cheaper to install as well, because of the click and lock system. They can lock together or may also be installed as a floating floor right above the current floor you have. This system reduces incurred costs of installation and preparation. You also don’t have to endure the smell of glue for installation.  

  • Durability: Heat Resistance & Waterproof

Both heat resistance and waterproofing are key benefits of installing hybrid flooring in Sydney. These factors not only make hybrid flooring more durable but also make them more cost-efficient as they won’t need much maintenance or replacement for damages. Ease of cleaning and maintaining makes the best hybrid floorings the ideal option. Hybrid floors also tend to be very resistant to foot traffic, so even if you have pets or children you need not worry about damaging the floor. 

The heat and water resistance comes from the composition of limestone and plastic which are used in the core boards. This also adds to the stability of hybrid flooring making them an ideal choice for areas with harsh weather and environmental conditions. We are all familiar with the daytime and nightly temperature fluctuations of Sydney and the NSW area. Hybrid flooring is the best option if you are choosing to install them in your residential or commercial space as they are built to withstand such conditions. 

These should give you an idea of why the best hybrid flooring is the ideal option for you in Sydney. Find a reliable seller and have it installed today!

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