Reddy Kancharla – An Overview of The Impact of IoT Technologies on The Civil Construction Sector

Reddy Kancharla – An Overview of The Impact of IoT Technologies on The Civil Construction Sector

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast network of electronic devices with built-in sensors, advanced software applications, and other technologies. They can seamlessly connect to, transmit, and vast exchange qualities of data with other similar devices over the Internet. These electronic devices normally encompass a diverse range of physical objects, from household gadgets like microwaves to ultra-modern industrial tools. 

Reddy Kancharla is a well-known civil engineer and geotechnical consultant from New York City. He has 25 years of valuable industry experience in the areas of geotechnical consultancy, civil construction, and construction quality control standards. His expertise even extends to inspecting structural failures, providing remedial designs, rectifying structural discrepancies, and scheduling construction projects. He is the mastermind behind the successful construction of some of New York City’s prominent landmarks. These include the Goldman Sachs building, Yankee Stadium, the terminals of JFK Airport, and the USTA National Tennis Center.

In his opinion, the advanced IoT devices allow civil engineers to remotely automate, scrutinize and monitor work on infrastructure projects. From the comforts of their offices, these construction specialists can keep track of the infrastructure and issue relevant instructions. They use the devices to:

  • Implement preventive maintenance measures

Civil engineers often notice small problems arise when work on infrastructural development projects begins. To complete the projects within a specific schedule, they need to resolve these issues immediately. These specialists’ IoT devices have sensors that gather and analyze real-time relating to these problems. This allows the engineers to come up with relevant solutions to the issues and convey the information to the workers.

  • Devise real-time construction management solutions 

All civil engineers implement a viable construction management strategy when commencing an infrastructure project. They have to complete numerous critical tasks, which can involve monitoring building supplies or evaluating the work on the project. Then, they can take the necessary decisions to ensure the speedy completion of the infrastructure project. Operating suitable IoT-enabled devices allow them to receive and analyze data they need in real-time. This enables them to understand how the situation on construction sites evolves, identify likely problems, and provide solutions.

  • Ensure a safe working environment

Most construction sites can be hazardous workplaces for all kinds of laborers. Civil engineers need to assist project managers, supervisors, and contractors in ensuring they are able to perform their duties safely. Their aim is to prevent all kinds of workplace accidents that result in serious injuries to workers or even their deaths. Using devices operating on IoT technology allows civil engineers to remotely monitor how the laborers work on the construction sites. They can then warn them of potential dangers before a mishap occurs. 

According to Reddy Kancharla implementing the IoT technology in construction sites allows civil engineers to scrutinize the progress of their work on their infrastructure work. In doing so, these specialists might come across issues that they would otherwise overlook. They can then give out instructions to their subordinates on how to resolve the problems immediately. In the process, they save both time and money.

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