Does Your Office Need Standing Desks?

Does Your Office Need Standing Desks?

Office desks have come a long way and the changing world has successfully altered their structure and appearance. Health issues have increased significantly among employees who engage long hours in sitting on traditional work desks. As the work concepts have changed, desks too have been a part of it. These days standing desks are the trend and here are the reasons why it is a workplace favorite now. Visit the Four Hands desks section for the best deals on standing desks and find the perfect desk.

Standing Desks Reduces Risk of Getting Obese

Sitting in the same position for long hours can affect the metabolism rate of your body significantly. Research also says that sitting does not burn many calories, which are instead stored in the body in the form of fat. On the other hand, standing helps you burn a substantial amount of calories. Thus, standing desks are a must for the employees to reduce obesity risks.

Standing Desks Optimize Blood Sugar Levels

After a heavy lunch, it is seen that there is a sharp spike in the blood sugar levels of those who have type 2 diabetes. Again, studies have found that standing for roughly 120 minutes or walking after lunch can bring down or at least regulate blood sugar levels. Also, there’s an alternative way where standing alongside desks for 30 minutes at alternating hours can help control blood sugar levels.

Standing Desks Reduce Pressure on the Heart

It is quite natural that when we sit, we sit in various postures. And, wrong postures can put a lot of pressure on the heart as a whole. On the other hand, standing reduces this pressure since the chest cavity is more relaxed and free from all compressions that come when we are sitting. Hence, standing desks prove to be a lifesaver since standing and working do not put long hours of pressure on the heart.

Standing Desks Treat Back Pain

If you are someone who is suffering from chronic back pain, chances are the reason for that pain is sitting for long hours. Again, it is the issue of your posture where subconsciously bending the back puts a lot of pressure on the back. Standing can reduce that pain as your back is considerably straighter and the minimum pressure is put on the structure. Thus, standing desks provide support for no more back pain.

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