Split System Installation – An Ideal Choice To Keep Your Home Environment Cool And Germ-Free

Split System Installation - An Ideal Choice To Keep Your Home Environment Cool And Germ-Free

Air conditioners are now being increasingly used in all residential and commercial building because they offer best solutions for humid and extreme hot weather conditions. They have replaced water coolers in many homes, as they are affordable to buy and give a better cooling experience by fighting humidity in a more efficient manner due to its advanced ventilation systems.

  • As the demand has increased because of its necessity, Split system installation has gained momentum as these can be mounted easily in small apartments.
  • In practical sense there is no difference in energy efficiency between a window and a split system however few difference of higher cost of installation and servicing could be the deciding factor for household budgets.

Split system installation-Some useful safety tips

A split system has two main units, the indoor evaporator and the outside condenser. The two units are connected via copper pipes through openings in the wall. The copper wires should be adequately insulated else it results in lesser cooling. Also, care should be taken that it is installed on a sturdy wall that can hold its weight and is away from direct sunlight or moisture. There should be enough open space on the wall and should not be mounted close to cables and wirings of other appliances like TV, to intercoms, phones, stereos to avoid risk of short circuit. It should be mounted at a height of at least 7 to 8 feet above the ground for effective cooling and ventilation. The outdoor unit need to be placed on a strong wall and away from too must dust and traffic prone area.  Lastly make sure to follow all the instructions in the manual and install a stabilizer to control power fluctuations in your home.

What are the benefits of a split system installation?

  • Less noisy– The outdoor unit is split from the main unit which works inside the room, hence it makes lesser sound to your ears to give you a sound sleep
  • Give a neat look to the house– The split air conditioners are now available in fancy colors and sleek designs that can be matched with your interiors and give a classy look and appeal to your room.
  • Better alternative to centralized cooling– The Split system installation is a better option than a centralized cooling system at your place as its wiring is less complicated and there is no need to build any ducts in the wall or floor or to do any kind of overhauling of the house leading to more costs. These splits are a better alternative in older homes as they can be easily installed anywhere.
  • Better cooling – Splits are considered better in cooling efficiency; the only caution is to get the copper pipes insulated properly. There is an option to add up to 4 evaporator units in the same split system to cool multiple rooms at the same time. These rooms work independently and one can switch off the unit in the room not in use. This saves a huge ton of money in energy bills.
  • Suitable for bigger rooms– these split can easily cool a substantially larger areas and that is the reason is widely used in offices, restaurants, halls, auditoriums and many such places.

Split system installation of an air conditioner requires expertise and technical knowhow; else it may lead to issues in improper cooling, too much of noise or even a defective mounting over the wall. It is best advised to hire services of a professional unless you are equipped with the technical expertise.

Hope this above mentioned all the points help you to understand benefits of a split system installation.

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