A Guide On Different Types Of Garden Fencing

Fencing in Kellyville

Fencing is an important part of landscape design and it also plays an important role in the aesthetic values of the yards. But fencing is not just meant for looks. The functionality of the fencing in Kellyville also decides the style and type of fence that you require.

To ensure that you get the right fencing type for your garden or yard, it is necessary to be clear about the purpose of the fence. Once you decide the fence’s purpose, then you have to decide the right fencing style and type. Cost is another important factor here.

Now Let’s Have A Look At Different Types Of Garden Fencing Available:

1. Bamboo: 

Want to add an exotic look and feel to your garden? Then choosing bamboo fencing will be one of the best options to choose from. Bamboo fences are also perfect for privacy or screening. Besides, bamboo is highly durable and therefore needs little or no maintenance.

Apart from that, bamboo fencing is available in rolls and panels. Therefore, these are easy to construct, and these are also perfect for both internal screening of terraces and patios as well as perimeters fencing.

2. Wood:

This is a natural option for garden fencing. People mainly prefer wood due to the aesthetically pleasing nature. Besides, wood can be used to create different types and designs of fencing. For instance, you can choose from a classic post and rail fence or a solid fence for privacy. But wood needs regular maintenance to protect it from different types of environment-related issues.

3. Wire Mesh or Chain Link:

A wire mesh or chain link fence is a highly functional garden fencing in Kellyville. But it is also very secure. This feature of this fencing makes it perfect for families with kids and pets.

The best things about this fencing are that it is low maintenance, affordable and highly durable. You can even plant climbers or shrubs on this fence to enhance its appearance as well as the level of privacy.

4. Aluminium:

Widely used in areas like poolside and balcony, aluminium is also a recent addition to the market of garden fencing. Being low maintenance, this type of metal fencing is available in different heights and designs. And one of the most important reasons why people choose it is that it keeps looking good even after years.

5. Wrought Iron:

This is the conventional and heritage material used for metal fencing. And it is widely used for perimeter fencing and estate fencing. The best part of choosing wrought iron for garden fencing in Kellyvilleis that it would last for a lifetime. But it is important to maintain wrought iron regularly to protect it from erosion.

6. Steel:

These days, steel has overtaken wrought iron as the metal of choice when it comes to choosing traditional metal fencing. Apart from being aesthetically attractive, steel is also more durable compared to other options of garden fencing. Besides, it needs low maintenance as it can withstand harsh weather and doesn’t rot.

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