Try High-Pressure Cleaning As a Sustainable Alternative

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Have you been thinking about applying a fresh coat of paint or replacing windows or garages with new vinyl siding? Start with calling out an exterior house cleaner to splash away all the dirt and grime buildup on the house structure. This is the most sustainable alternative to other expensive cleaning methods. 

Renovating an old home comes with the challenges of dealing with layers of dirt buildup over decades, removing outdated materials, restoring delicate features without causing damage, and adhering to local regulations. 

High-pressure house cleaning, apart from cleaning the exteriors, also prepares them for further renovation work while protecting the foundation. In this blog, we’ll read more about high-pressure cleaning for house exteriors, its sustainability in the long run, and which areas of your house require this cleaning method.

Understanding High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning emerges as a sustainable alternative that addresses many home renovation challenges head-on. 

An Exterior house cleaner uses high-water jet sprays to effectively remove dirt, paint, mould, and other substances from a variety of exterior house surfaces. That, too, without the need for chemical solvents or excessive manual scrubbing. This method can rejuvenate the exterior of old homes while preserving the structure’s value and original aesthetics.

Types of High Pressure Cleaning Methods

It is important to note that high pressure cleaning is a versatile and innovative solution for home renovations. Experts use different approaches within this cleaning method to attain the best benefits. 

As opposed to the one-size-fits-all concept, the application of these methods depends on the existing condition of the exteriors, the strength of the surface, the scope of the renovation, and your budget. 

The only difference between these methods is the water temperature and the use of cleaning detergents. Let’s understand these differences.

1. Hot Water Pressure Cleaning:

Cleaners use this method to expel hot water at high pressure to break down grime, grease, and dirt more effectively than cold water. Homeowners dealing with heavy grease buildup over driveways or walls prefer this method to make the most of high pressure cleaning in Bentleigh.

2. Cold Water Pressure Cleaning:

This type of cleaning relies on a high pressure stream without the use of heat. This method is more energy-efficient than hot water cleaning and is often used for general cleaning tasks. 

Suitable for removing mud, dust, sand, and other types of dirt from surfaces like sidewalks, exterior walls, roofs, and fences, it suits well on surfaces where high heat might cause damage.

3. Soft Pressure Cleaning:

The soft pressure cleaning method often involves cleaning weatherboards or other delicate cladding material used in Bentleigh homes. 

Apart from high-pressure cleaning in Bentleigh, experts offer soft washing techniques, making use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions like biodegradable cleaners or disinfectants to remove the dirt effectively without damaging it.

Comparison With Traditional Cleaning Methods

  • Efficiency:

High pressure cleaning in Bentleigh is significantly more efficient than traditional methods, such as manual scrubbing or sandblasting. It can cover larger areas in less time, with less physical effort.

  • Environmental Impact:

Traditional methods often rely heavily on chemical cleaners, which can be harmful to the environment. High-pressure cleaning, especially the cold water method, minimises the need for chemicals, making it a more eco-friendly option.

  • Lower Water Usage:

Traditional methods can involve more water usage, but with high-pressure cleaning methods, experts contribute towards using less water at high pressure.

  • Surface Damage:

Traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting can be too harsh on historic materials, causing irreversible damage. High-pressure cleaning allows expert cleaners to adjust different settings as per the surfaces. Whether you are renovating delicate historical facades or sturdy concrete driveways, high pressure cleaning remains safe for every use.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

While the initial investment in high-pressure cleaning services can be significant, the method is generally more cost-effective in the long run. It reduces the need for costly chemical cleaners. It saves time compared to manual methods, leading to lower overall costs for renovation projects.

Areas That Need The Most High Pressure Cleaning

  • Walls:

If you are looking to transform the facade of your house, then start with cleaning the exterior walls, whether they be brick, wood, vinyl, or stucco.

  • Roofs:

Maintaining the roofs is one overlooked area in the cleaning process. High-pressure water safely eliminates moss, algae, and leaf debris that can cause long-term damage to roof materials. Remember to cross-check and choose an expert to avoid damaging shingles or tiles when finding high pressure cleaning in Bentleigh.

  • Driveways:

Driveways are grounds for oil stains, tyre rubber marks, and vehicle dirt. High-pressure cleaning enhances the curb appeal and maintains the functional condition of concrete, asphalt, or stone driveways.

  • Decks and Patios:

Revives the look of wood, composite, or stone decks and patios by removing accumulated grime, stains, and weathering effects. This not only improves aesthetics but also prepares surfaces for sealing or staining, extending their lifespan.

  • Fences and Garden Features:

High-pressure cleaning can breathe new life into wooden, metal, or stone fences, as well as garden ornaments and pathways, making them look fresh and well-maintained without the need for harsh chemicals.

Final Words

It is clear that an exterior house cleaner uses high-pressure and soft-pressure cleaning techniques as an eco-friendly alternative before shifting towards house renovation.

When compared to traditional cleaning methods, high pressure cleaning in Bentleigh demonstrates that superior results can be achieved with less water. It also preserves the housing materials with gentle, safe, high-pressure cleaning techniques, employing a one-time investment, and maintains the shining, which may not be possible with traditional cleaning.

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