How to Make Your Room Look Pinterest Worthy

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Growing up, a lot of us dreamt about having our own space that we could decorate to our liking without having to worry about what our parents or landlord will have to say. Now that we finally have our own place, it can get overwhelming to scroll through Pinterest to look for ideas and not know where exactly to start personalizing your space. But fret not, as we did the research for you, and today we’ll present to you the best ways you can make your room look exactly how you want it to! 

Paint Your Room 

The first step in achieving the Pinterest look is painting the walls in a neutral or muted color. This will make the space visually bigger and create a clean image that you can later decorate to your liking. We would suggest refraining from using bright colors no matter how much you love pink or red, as these can quickly overstimulate you and transform your place from a cozy haven to a place of anxiety. Instead, go for muted tones such as shades of beige, light gray, or even white, although the latter will certainly need more care to always look spotless. 

Add Mirrors 

If the room that you’re working with is not too spacious and you want to make it appear larger, adding mirrors is the sure way to do this without too many investments. Our recommendation is to get a few mirrors of different sizes and shapes to create visual interest and decorate the walls. For example, putting mirrors on walls that face each other or at the end of a hallway can create a sense of continuity and elongate the space, while Installing mirrored wall panels especially in narrow spaces can visually widen the area by reflecting the surroundings.

Sun Catchers 

Sun catchers, also known as stained glass, are those things that you always see in Pinterest rooms and stare in awe. These small decorations are made of glass and are designed to capture and refract sunlight, thus creating a dazzling play of colors on your walls which looks especially great during summertime. Sun catches some in a variety of designs, from basic multicolored ones to the ones that feature meaningful symbols like the Irish stained glass with shamrocks and butterflies. Our suggestion is to go for the latter, as Irish sun catchers  not only feature colorful designs that would create a kaleidoscope of colors in your room, but can also have a therapeutic effect thanks to the combination of shades. 

Multiple Sources of Lighting 

Finally, lighting plays one of the most crucial roles in making a room look cozy and have a relaxing ambiance. Gone are the days when rooms only had a big lamp in the middle of the ceiling: these days it is all about combining multiple sources of lighting that will add depth and warmth to your space. Layer your lighting in different combinations of main and accent lights by adding pendant lamps, table or reading lights, as well as some decorations such as fairy strings and LEDs. This way, you won’t have to turn on the main light when reading a book or having a cozy movie night. 

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