How Can PVC Shutters Be Repainted Or Stained?

How Can PVC Shutters Be Repainted Or Stained?

Shutters are one thing that is used for quite a couple of years in your home. It gives you privacy, security, and protection from cold weather. It also blocks out the sun’s radiations. All this causes the wear and tear as well as premature aging of the PVC shutters. Repainting or staining the shutters is also friendly to your pocket as you do not have to engage in an unnecessary purchase of new shutters.

To give a new life to your shutters, you can repaint them. For a hassle-free experience, you need to be aware of all the do’ s and don’ts of painting. Follow the below pointers to repaint or stain your PVC shutters in Narellan, and give your home a new exterior appearance. You can also enhance the decorative value of your shutters through a refurbished painting.

  • Start with the preliminary preparation.

When you think about it, the process of painting per se does not take much time. What takes quite a good amount of time is the preparation that goes behind the outcome of the project.

* Clean the PVCshutters.

* Use a spray bottle to get rid of all the mould or mildew by applying a solution of one part bleach to four-part water.

* Use a water hose to rinse the shutters.

* Make a mixture of water and mild household detergent to scrub the shutters. It eliminates all the chalking, grime, dust, and dirt.

* Use waters to thoroughly rinse the shutters.

* Keep the PVCshutters on a drop cloth.

* Let the shutters air dry.

  • Choose the colour of your paint.

You can choose a colour that suits your style and taste. Ensure that the paint is an exterior acrylic paint of high quality. You can make the colours of the shutters and window trims match together. Also, you can either choose bold colours or classic white or black hues.

  • Method and mode of painting.

It is always advised that you paint the PVCshutters out of direct sunlight and in moderate humidity.

* To increase the adhesion top coverage, always prime before you begin to apply the paint.

* Paint the slats at the top of the shutters.

* Use the lighter brush strokes to get rid of all the unwanted brush marks in the freshly painted areas of the shutters.

* For best results, apply a minimum of two coats of paint.

* Use the drying time recommended by the manufacturer of the paint between each coat.

* Dry off the final coat of paint before rehanging the shutters. It saves you from any smearing or smudging of the paint.

It is true that choosing a colour can turn out to be the hardest process of the entire task of repainting or staining. Colour can either make your home become the epitome of style and grace or give it a gaudy appearance. Thus, select your colour after making a thorough checklist of its pros and cons. Once the colour selection has been done, you become ready to give your PVC shutters a fresh look.

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