Reasons For Having Regular Roof Inspection

Reasons For Having Regular Roof Inspection

Roof inspection is an essential practice that must be carried out on a regular basis. Regular roof inspection can extend the roof’s lifespan.  However, many homeowners wait until a problem arises, that’s when they start looking for a roofing expert to come and inspect their roof.

All roofs should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor such as Austin roofing contractor. And all roofs, whether low slope roofs or step roods, need to be inspected at least twice a year: once after an extremely cold weather and another one after a hot weather.

Here are some of the top reasons why roofs should be inspected.

1. Weathering and aging

The lifespan of roofs normally range from 20 to 30years.  With proper care, the roof can even last more than expected. Aged roofs are more susceptible to water inflammation. So having the roof inspected by the roofing experts can significantly increase its lifespan.

2. Routine maintenance damage

Roof damage can also occur from technicians performing maintenance on air conditioners and other systems. They may step on the wrong areas of the roof, causing major problems on the roof. Having a roof inspected can reveal these issues and have them fixed early. During the inspection, the roofing expert can seal the panels and even clean the debris on the roof.

3. Leak assessment

A roof can also be inspected after a homeowner reports a leak at the top of their ceiling after heavy rain. A leaking roof can be a symptom of major roof issues such as wet insulation, mold corrosion, and even rotting wood in some cases. An Austin roofing contractor can do a thorough inspection on the roof to prevent deterioration of other parts of your roof due to water damage.

4. Weather damage

Hail, storm, or high winds can damage the roof, hence triggering repair. Roofs should be inspected immediately after a weather event to prevent further damage. Water is the main reason why shingles have moss and algae growing in the or why they are misaligned. Hail and strong winds can also penetrate and destroy the roof, so they also require a little more than minor maintenance. Tree limbs and branches can also fall on roofs, creating significant damage. Regular inspections are an excellent way to maintain the roof.

5. A roof inspection can stop the damage before it starts

A leaking roof is not the only sign of a damaged roof. There could also be other structural damage, other than the leaking roof. Having the roof inspected regularly by an Austin roofing contractor can help detect roofing issues early and stop further damage to the house.

Since the roofing contractor is an expert when it comes to roofs, they can seamlessly find faults in the roof layout and suggest repairs before the issues escalate.

6. It helps with roof cleaning

When doing a roof inspection, it will be necessary to do roof cleaning, too. Cleaning the roof is important as it can reduce the chances of wind damage. Debris and loose trash may cause wind damage during a storm and even wash to the low points such as gutters during heavy rains. Trash can also obstruct roof drainage and even create leaking issues. That’s why it’s recommended to clean roofs regularly.

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