Why Cyprus is Attracting Property Investments

Why Cyprus is Attracting Property Investments

Cyprus is a magnet when it comes to property investment with its strategic location, great accessibility, high quality of life and excellent infrastructure. These, combined with numerous government incentives keeps Cyprus on top of the list.

People from many cultures and walks of life, are relocating to the island wishing to invest in properties that suit their needs. Whether beachfront villas in Ayia Napa to use as holiday rentals, or stunning high rise apartments in Limassol for professionals, Cyprus has the ideal home or investment for everyone.

Variety of Properties by Casamont

Casamont have made it their goal to present the very best of property that the island of Cyprus has to offer. Understanding that investing in a country with a different language, laws and lack of local knowledge may be daunting, Casamont ensure that clients always have control and choice by making them aware of all the options available as well as disclosing all needed details that would make such a move successful. Casamont strives to skilfully guide clients in property purchases by using unique industry connections and knowhow, to ensure the best possible outcome, with an international reach in Cyprus as well as Malta and Greece.

Seafront Villas in Cyprus

A popular choice for investors on the island, is the option of a seafront villa. Making the most of the naturally beautiful coastline of Cyprus, luxurious villas, with a bespoke design, have been developed that provide breath-taking sea views. A villa is perfect as a family’s main, or second home, or a great opportunity to rent to the ever-increasing number of tourists who visit all year around.

High Rise Property in Cyprus

Another popular option is to be in the heart of the fast-paced city life. Luxurious high-rise apartments in Cyprus are the perfect place for professionals who like to have the world at their fingertips. Enjoy concierge services, easy access to high-end shopping as well as bars and restaurants, and benefit from stunning sea views with the Mediterranean waters just a stone’s throw away.

Why Cyprus is Attracting Property Investments

Citrine Estates

One notable project, is Citrine Estates in Limassol, that provides a variety of properties including apartments, maisonettes, houses and villas, created with a unique blend of nature and modern design. These stunning properties are located in a prime location in Limassol, providing peaceful surroundings yet easy access to the city of Limassol, allowing home owners to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Citrine Estates project is located a stone’s throw away from the newly famous City of Dream Mediterranean Casino Resort that draws locals and tourists from all over the world. This location is ideal for those who wish to invest in property so as to rent to holiday makers who will search for prime locations providing easy access to both the casino and the beach.

Investing in property in Cyprus provides an array of benefits with the government setting up programs in place that allow those who invest to become a citizens or residents of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Investment Program

Enjoy the benefits of living and working in Cyprus, an EU county. With a Cyprus Passport, it is possible to travel, work and live in Europe, and benefit from the opportunities and lifestyle it provides, from healthcare and education to travel and business.

To be eligible to apply, a minimum investment of €2 million is required, for the purchase or construction of buildings, or for the construction of other land development projects. Citizenship can be extended to family members and is lifelong.

The Permanent Residency Program

Permanent residency in Cyprus is available when investing as little as €300,000 in a new property. The program grants you and your family visa-free entry to Cyprus, permanent residency, and the right to reside in the country as well as open up a business.

A Cyprus Permanent Resident has the right (under certain conditions) to apply for a Cypriot passport after having resided on the Island for 7 years, allowing investors to eventually gain Cyprus citizenship.

It is clear to see why so many are drawn to invest in Cyprus property. With an abundance of benefits and opportunities, Casamont are primed and ready to help you find your perfect home or investment in Cyprus.

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