Ultimate Guide & Types Of Timber Flooring

Ultimate Guide & Types Of Timber Flooring

A vital component of the house is flooring. House owners should ensure to install strong and durable flooring in their house. Best flooring will increase the value of the house. Selecting the best flooring type is very important. About 25% of the house owners in Epping prefer timber flooring for their house. In this article let us discuss different materials and types of timber flooring.

Choosing the right timber flooring is an important task. Hear we are specified different timber flooring in Epping and high-quality timber floor, that will be our one-stop solution.

Different types of timber flooring in Epping:

Jarrah timber flooring:

The color of the Jarrah timber is red and after a few years, it will change into burgundy color. It is also

available in different shades. They are resistant to insects. It is the best option for the resident area.

Tasmanian Oak flooring:

The grains of Tasmanian oak is straight and it will give a good aesthetic look for the house. It comprises

three species of Eucalypt.

Spotted gum timber flooring:

Spotted gum timbers are very soft and they have color spots in it. The grains are wavy and it attracts the

visitors. They are usually brown in color.

Brushbox timber flooring:

Brushbox timbers are available in dark red color and light brown color. It keeps the house warm. The

grains are straight and fine.

Tallowwood timber flooring:

The lifetime of Tallowwood timber flooring is high when compared with other flooring types. The color

of Tallowwood will not change.

Flooded Rose gum:

It is one of the beautiful timber flooring types. It is available in pink and light red color. The grains are

straight and the texture of flooded rose gum will be even.

Red Mahogany:

The color of the red Mahogany is red. It is resistant to insects and they are dense in nature.

Grey Ironbark timber flooring:

Grey Ironbark is very strong and it can last for many years. The color options available in this type of

timber flooring are dark brown, pale brown and dark red.

Turpentine timber flooring:

Turpentine is highly durable and the texture will be somewhere between fine to medium. Red and brown are the color options available.  They are available in different shades of chocolate color.

Tongue and groove hardwood timber flooring:

It is a tradition flooring system followed in most of the countries. It will increase the durability and look

of the timber floor. It can be directly installed in the concrete, joists, and battens. It can also be nailed

above the old floor. The continuous and stable surface can be obtained by this method. They are fit tight

to avoid gaps.

Laminated Timber flooring:

It is very less expensive when compared with the other flooring types. It consists of four layers.

Laminated timbers are pressed using heat to join as one single thick layer. After joining it can be cut into

the desired size. It does not need coating and sanding since they are pre-finished.

Some of the other types of timber flooring are bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring, parquetry flooring, and cork flooring.

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