10 Essential Checklist For Inspecting Homes

Home Inspection

Home is notably the most important investment a person makes in their life. Home is a place that shelters us and protects us from all the extreme weather conditions. A person spends most of its time at home. Home purchasing is a step worth taking that a person rarely takes in his lifetime.

Therefore, you need to follow a few Free Home Inspection Checklists while considering a dream home of your choice. While deciding on purchasing a home, you can design a self-made Free Home Inspection Checklist.

This checklist can efficiently be designed by doing some search work on the internet and by looking for some house improvement sites. The health of your home is much like your health. It also requires proper, timely checkups and maintenance to keep it in a good and up to date healthy condition.

Most of the buyers, while buying a home, consider cost as the essential factor, and they thus decide to save money by doing home inspections themselves. These self-made inspections can be carried out either by searching for some free online inspection checklists or by using free home inspection software.

  1. Maintenance of your lawn and gardening tools

Make the blades sharp, replace the oil, and repair the filters on your lawnmower. Ensure that your weed trimmers are in their best. You also need to oil the garden tools too.

  1. Proper inspection of the locks on doors and windows

You need to ensure that your home is both safe and securely locked. Also, you need to make sure to grease the locks along with considering the installation of the home security system. You can also install outdoor lighting as this would increase the curb appeal of your home and instantly adding up to the security.

  1. Inspecting the exposed plumbing system

You need to check beneath the sinks and every place that you can easily reach and one that has exposed pipes in them. You need to ensure that there isn’t any dampness that indicating a minute leakage in the pipeline within.

  1. Inspecting for termites and other pests

You need to make a proper inspection of the basement as well as the crawling spaces and look out for termites, ants, and other wood pests. You need to take the assistance of a professional exterminator if you get to see signs of wood damage and others. You also need to look out for eaves for wasps and others.

  1. Patios and porches

You need to make the barbecue and hose down the brick, and concrete patio surfaces free from any clutter. You also need to have the broken bricks replaced, and the concrete cracks patched up.

Also, you need to wash the exterior of the screened-in porch floors. Also, make sure to lubricate the patio doors and bring out and remove the patio and porch furniture keeping it free from any clutter.

  1. Complete painting projects

Ensure that you are painting the house on yourself; for this, you need to clean wash your home with the use of home cleaning solutions. The crumbling paint should be scraped off, and the rough areas need smoothening with sandpaper, and also you need to fill up the damaged spaces with the best-quality of filler.

Also, make sure to choose the best color that is easily affordable by you. Also, make sure to prime off the bare patches with the use of a quality exterior primer before the completion of the job with the help of latex paint.

  1. Repair and seal driveways

You also need to have the surface of the asphalt driveways renewed with the help of the sealer. You also have to mend the damage made onto the concrete driveways quite instantly, as this project also might require help from professionals from Sydney asphalt repairs service.

  1. Building and repairing fences

You need to check for any damages on your existing wall and repair as well as refinish it as required. If you are structuring a new one, you need to look carefully at the various type of available fencing materials.

You need to make sure that the fence matches well with the local codes and does not infringe over the city as well as the neighboring properties that are there.

  1. Garage doors

For the garage doors, it is quite simple, all you need is to have them lubricated.

  1. Replacement of roof

You need to have the roof installed during summer’s warm, dry weather if you wish to have a new one. If you are residing in a zone that is prone to wildfire and if the current roof is not fireproofed then you need to consider having a fire-resistant roof material. These Free Home Inspection Checklists predict some general checks that are useful in considering a home purchase.

For instance, these free checklists can help in predicting the general outlook of the building, like the roofing and the walls, without any trained eye to look for the pitfalls in the construction and to observe the defects that cannot be predicted by the normal eye.

That is why the years of inspection and the knowledge of the basics proves much more beneficial in determining the physical structure of the home and help you to get the best home deal.

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