What to Do with Your Electronics during a Move

What to Do with Your Electronics during a Move

As technology advances, it has given rise to different types of electronics. Many home items include TVs, laptops, video game tools, stereo sets, and computers. Therefore, you must know how to pack and move them correctly. Most of these items are fragile and expensive. So, taking extra caution when packing them when moving is crucial. It may be a good idea to get help packing and moving electronics from Sandhills Moving, who are great movers of different items. This blog will discuss things you should do with electronics during a move.

Packing Your Electronics

Packing your electronics is about preparing and packing the items correctly. The best thing you can do is to pack them in their original boxes with padded foam for extra protection. Ensure the items are wrapped in plastic films first. You can also use packing paper or soft linen to protect them from dust. If you have a manual, you can use it to learn how to disconnect the items without destroying them. Make sure everything is in a good state before packing.

Another vital thing you should not forget is to keep the parts you disassemble in the same place. Wrap all the large items in bubble wrap for extra protection. It is also advisable to cushion the bottom and top of every box with bubble wrap or towels and fill void spaces.

Labeling Your Belongings

One rule of moving is labeling your boxes correctly. Therefore, as you unplug and dismantle your devices, ensure you have a box nearby to keep all the parts. Remember to label the cords and cables. It may be time-consuming when packing, but it will save you a lot of stress when you get to the new place. Use color codes on cords and devices to know where each cord belongs. Ensure you put the cables in cable bags and secure them to the items they belong to.

Removing Battery

It is also advisable to remove batteries from items like laptops and remotes to prevent them from damage. Batteries can overheat and leak, causing significant damage to the rest of the device. Therefore, remove and wrap them before keeping them in seal bags. Remember to research how to transport batteries safely.

Preparing TV and Fridge for Moving

Before you pack your TV and fridge for transportation, ensure you know how to do it well. Read through the manufacturer’s manual to know the dos and don’ts when packing and moving such items. The TV is fragile and requires extra caution when moving. Therefore, know how to handle it well. Ensure you pack the TV in its original box or a special one for extra safety. When packing the fridge, remove and clean all the items. Let it dry and pack it in a box. You can leave the job of carrying the fridge to professionals.


When packing and moving electronics, it is advisable to hire professional movers. This is because most of these items are fragile and sensitive. Therefore, extra caution is necessary when handling them. If you DIY, ensure you disconnect them carefully and wrap them well before packing.

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