What Is The Most Efficient Way To Renovate A Bathroom?

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Renovate A Bathroom?

Have you ever found yourself admiring a bathroom in a mall or a restaurant? Most people have as there’s something unique and inspiring about stunningly designed bathrooms. That’s why, apart from kitchens, bathrooms are the most renovated or remodelled rooms for homeowners. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t get the desired results, and their bathrooms look nothing like the bathrooms in corporate buildings or restaurants. 

Most homeowners blame these misgivings on costs. Thankfully, overspending is not a necessity when it comes to bathroom renovations in Menai. There are legitimate ways of renovating and remodelling bathrooms on a budget and transforming them into the most relaxing, efficient, and appealing space in your home. Here are some vital remodelling tips that’ll help any homeowner get their dream bathroom renovation project

Creating a Blueprint :

Significant investment or purchases (a new vehicle or a new apartment) require a lot of planning. Even if you’re taking the cost-effective route, getting a bathroom renovation is still a significant investment. It’s the one chance to transform an important region of your home. Unless you’re planning months, remodelling costs and requirements costs can spiral. That’s why creating a detailed blueprint of the renovation plan is vital. This blueprint should include

  • A Realistic Budget – While creating a budget for your bathroom renovation, consider how much of the investment you’ll recoup if you sell the home. You can technically recoup as much as 100% of the money you spend on a remodelling contractor. However, you can’t expect to spend a certain amount and hope that the market will repay that amount when the time comes. Check the average cost of bathroom renovations in your locality. Then, assess the selling prices of similar properties. Determine the final project costs based on this comparison. 
  • Setting Priorities – While working on a budget, you can only afford to spend on bathroom fixtures or features that are of urgent need. If your renovation budget is tight, you’ll want to focus less on cosmetic changes and more on practical features like getting a new sink. If it isn’t, focus on aesthetic and practical features and make changes like installing natural stone tiles, expanding the shower space, etc. Create a list of budget-based renovation priorities. 
  • Labour Split – A lot of your bathroom renovation budget will be spent on labour fees. Instead of ‘outsourcing’ every responsibility, reconsider your expectations and compare them with how much physical effort you’re willing to invest in the project. If you can manage some of the labour requirements, the cost of the remodelling project will automatically go down. However, know your limitations. It’s not realistic to expect a standard homeowner to know about plumbing. But, every homeowner can and should contribute to tasks like painting the walls or installing bathroom furniture. 

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Deciding on a Type of Bathroom You Want :

It’s nearly impossible to change your existing bathroom into a new ‘type’ completely. However, an experienced provider of bathroom renovations Menai can make significant changes such as changing a cramped half bathroom into a luxurious master suite. Before asking the renovators, what changes they can possibly make, have a clear idea of the types of bathrooms you’re interested in

  • Standard Bathrooms – One sink, one toilet, limited bath space, and maybe a shower – that’s what most standard family bathrooms consist of. 
  • Half Baths – Half baths are more like powder rooms; small spaces with only a sink and a toilet. Half baths can fit in the tightest of spots. Technically you can transform a closet into a half bath. If you want more closet space or space for walking around in your small apartment, transforming a larger bathroom into a half bath is a good idea. Homeowners with only one bathroom often transform unused spaces into half baths to boost the value of their homes. 
  • Wet Bathrooms – Get every item or feature in your bathroom waterproofed; from the floors to your cabinets. Fully waterproofed wet baths don’t have any designated spaces (e.g., separate shower spaces). That’s why in homes where square footage is limited, opting for a waterproofed wet bath is a great option. 

Create the Layout :

Before even thinking about adding new cabinets, getting floral-printed tiles, or any other aesthetical features while getting your bathroom renovations in Menai, you need a clear layout. The easy way out is leaving your existing bathroom layout untouched. For instance, reorganizing plumbing fixtures is very expensive. But, new layouts require extensive plumbing changes. Hence, sticking to the old layout is the best option.

But, if the existing layout isn’t working for you, ask your bathroom renovation experts to provide 3D renderings of what layouts may look good on your bathroom. 

Bear in mind – smaller your bathroom, the lesser layout options you’ll have on your plate. In that case, seek assistance from interior designers on how to optimize your small bathroom space. Adding mirrors, for instance, is an age-old trick to make bathrooms appear bigger. 

Invest in Lighting :

Lighting isn’t the first detail people getting bathroom renovations in Menai think of. However, bad bathroom lighting can destroy all the efforts you’ve put into making your bathroom more pleasant. Efficient lighting can intensify your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and make your bathrooms feel bigger. You’ll have to decide how much natural light enters your bathroom, i.e., decide how big or small your bathroom’s windows should be. After creating a good natural lighting plan, you’ll also need an artificial lighting strategy. LEDs, neon lighting strips, and halogen bulbs are still the leading options. 

Answer the Big Bathtub Question :

While most traditional bathrooms have bathtubs, modern-day bathrooms do pretty well without these installations. A simple way of answering the ‘big bathtub question’ is asking yourself – do I like baths or showers? If relaxation is what you seek in your bathroom, by all means, go for luxury bathrooms. After all, bathtubs increase your chances of finding buyers if your home is ever on the market. If not, you need to ensure your bathroom layout is designed in a way that the toilet isn’t the first thing people see when they walk into your bathroom! 

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