What are Flat-Rate Movers?

What are Flat-Rate Movers?

Hiring a moving company helps reduce a lot of the headache of moving. Movers save you time and energy so that you can worry about all the other aspects of moving. 

But hiring movers can be so expensive. 

The biggest reason people are hesitant to hire movers is because of the cost. 

When you move, you cannot be sure exactly how long it will take or what is involved. That is where hourly movers can cost you a lot of money. But there is another option. Flat-rate movers are an excellent option that will help you move for an affordable price. Read on to learn more about flat-rate movers OKC

Flat-Rate Movers

Instead of charging you an hourly rate, flat-rate movers have a set cost. While hiring an hourly mover may work great if you are moving only a short distance, there are many times a flat-rate mover is a better deal. However, moving is unpredictable. You are very likely to overestimate or underestimate the time and complexity of your move. 

With a flat-rate mover, there is a set rate. There are no hidden fees that will sneak up on you. That means you do not have to worry about movers stalling and taking their time to earn more money. The mover will be motivated to perform your move as efficiently as possible, but will also care about quality because they do not need to rush.

Additionally, flat-rate movers take your inventory on the phone. While the initial setup process may be a bit longer, it saves you and the movers hours of time during the actual moving process. Upfront, flat-rate movers may see more expensive than hourly movers, but you could pay a lot more than you plan to if you choose an hourly mover and it takes longer than you thought or the workers purposely take their time. 

When to Use a Flat-Rate Mover 

There are some moves better suited for flat-rate movers than others. If you are moving a large condo or house with a significant amount of boxes and furniture, then a flat-rate mover is the right choice. If you are going a long-distance or just need help with a few certain items then flat-rate moving is also for you. The only time when hourly moving may be better is if you have a local, easy move. But again, you cannot always predict how easy the move will be. 

Hiring the Best Flat-Rate Movers

No matter what kind of mover you are looking for, quality matters. You want to choose a reputable moving company that is committed to high standards of service. For the best movers in the area, look no further. Our dedicated movers and management team has the expertise you need for a smooth, efficient, and affordable move. With us, you will never spend more money than you need to and you can count on quality. Our dedicated team is happy to provide you with a custom estimate. To get your free quote and schedule your move, contact us HERE. 

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