Unexpected Uses for Tile: Creative Ideas for Livening Up Your Home with Tiles

Unexpected Uses for Tile: Creative Ideas for Livening Up Your Home with Tiles

Tiles are perfect materials used for home renovation. Contrary to what most people believe, several ways of using tiles are somehow unique.

With some creativity, they may improve the general appearance of a home. You can even be surprised by how a boring house can be transformed into a more visually-attractive home.

Since individuals have been using these home renovation materials for some time, there is a high chance that many rules exist to incorporate them into space.

But according to experts at Metro Tile, those rules shouldn’t limit how you spruce up your house. With that said, you can use the following creative ideas to liven up your house with tiles:

  1. Paint Old Tiles

If you are not a fan of tiles in a bathroom, sprucing up outdated or old tiles can be easy with just a lick of paint.

As far as painting tiles is concerned, ensure you use self-undercoating and waterproof paint for good results.

You may choose the color of your choice. But it’s recommendable that you use black, grey, or white for a timeless appearance.

  1. Spruce up Your Dingy Fireplace

Many homeowners have become aware of how burning firewood in traditional fireplaces may result in indoor air pollution. That is why many fireplaces in most old houses are just there for decorative reasons.

In order to make a fireplace more attractive, spruce the space with decorative tiles. Colored or patterned tile work can turn a fireplace into a focal point, whereas stone tiles may give it a modern feel.

  1. Tile the Shower Area or Tub

Tile works perfectly well compared to flooring. Cover the walls behind the shower or tub area, and you can dramatically increase the ability of your bathroom to keep water where it should be.

For better results, consider stylish subway tiles. These materials are not just durable and simple to install. They are available in a different colors, ranging from black to white and everything in between.

  1. Consider a Dynamic Backsplash

A backsplash is referred to as the wall behind the stove or wall. This makes it a perfect place for accent tiles. While subway kitchen backsplash tiles have become a go-to, making a bold statement and breaking up classic patterns might be fun.

A colorful glazed tile can be the way to go if you are into the classic appearance of ceramic subway tile kitchen backsplashes.

  1. Give the Carpet-Style Tile a Go

Basically, laying out a carpet in your bathroom might not always be practical or possible. Though that is where tiles come to play.

In order to give your home a touch of uniqueness and movement, you might want to lay out patterned tiles. This will double as a standout element and highlight the room’s length.

Final Say!

Just because you’re not stuck in your home, staring at outdated lighting fixtures and undecorated walls, doesn’t mean home improvements have ceased.

As a matter of fact, there is something about the beginning of a new season that seems to inspire a little bit of sprucing up.

If this describes the way you feel about the interior space, tiles can be a perfect way to add texture and color to your house.

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