There Are Five Things To Know Before Installing A Glass Handrail

Installing A Glass Handrail

Looking for glass railings for your residence? The following are five considerations to bear in mind before to starting your project.

Modern railings are most often made of glass, and for good reason. For those that like the look of hardwood handrails and spindles, this is a great option!

With the addition of glass railings, a space seems more open, and light may easily pass through it. In addition to adding beauty and resale value to a home, it is very safe and functional when properly designed and installed. Choosing the laminated glass stairs is important there.

5 things to consider before purchasing glass railings for your home:

Glass railing systems come in a variety of styles

It is possible to install laminated glass railing in a variety of methods. Analyze the many systems in your home to see how they fit together in terms of style and functionality.

Safety and construction regulations in your area should be considered

When deciding on the kind of safety glass (tempered or laminated) that is required or authorized in your house or company, it is essential that you check the local building codes. Specialized Stair and Rail offers only the highest-quality tempered glass for its stair and rail products. Heat-processed glass that has been treated to increase surface strength and modify the break pattern is known as tempered glass. The safety of tempered glass means that if it does break, it will shatter into little cubes. There are two pieces of laminated glass fused together with an interlayer. As a result, the glass’s overall strength and safety are improved. A window that is shattered will shatter on one side yet remain intact on the other.

Glass railings require regular cleaning and maintenance

Glass railings need significantly less maintenance over time than wood railings. Daily upkeep, on the other hand, may be necessary, depending on your lifestyle. Having a clean railing is significantly more appealing than having a dirty railing. Avoid using any abrasive scrubbers and just use a soft cloth, soap or vinegar, and water.

Make sure to take into consideration your financial situation before making any decisions

It is common for glass railings to be more costly than other types of railings. This form of glass railing is the most cost-effective since it can be constructed from thinner glass (6mm instead of 10 or 12mm), has less machining, no holes, and needs less polishing and does not require costly fasteners.

The number of years of experience that both the firm and the installers have is critical

Custom-designed and fitted for each individual client, our railings are constructed to their exact specifications. The quality and look of the finished product depends on the accuracy with which the design and installation are carried out. It’s not only an eyesore when a barrier is situated incorrectly; it’s also dangerous.


Aside from that, consider the durability and longevity of the hardware that holds the glass in place. Your railing system’s overall safety will be affected by the quality of your railing hardware. Specialized Stairs’ only offering is Q-Railing. This business has a well-earned reputation for providing customers with high-quality products that are both trendy and durable.

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