Mining equipment used in mineral extraction

Mining equipment used in mineral extraction

Mining is the extraction of minerals and other useful materials from the earth’s surface and under the water. The invention of machines and equipment continues to shape the mining industry by helping the miners to perform different tasks with efficacy and acquire the mineral deposits with ease.

Mining equipment 

From grinding and blasting equipment to rock dusters and trucks  Corporate website van Adrighem has a variety of machines that miners use to make the process of mining successful. It is also important to note that automation in the mining sector is promoting 24 hours mining of minerals which so far is proving to be more economical than ever before this discovery and many mining firms are opting for automation technology.

Mining drills 

Drilling machines are meant to make underground mining possible by creating enough holes for the either miner and other equipment to enter. . The underground mining is carried out when mineral deposits are located beneath the ground surface. These types of machines are sometimes connected with programmed explosives to release the minerals from the underneath rocks and bring them closer to the outer ground surface. Most of the commonly used equipment includes loaders, diggers, and trucks. They are used to excavate the mineral raw materials with the support of other lifting equipment for future processing in factories. 

Blasting tools 

Blasting equipment is necessary for breaking down big rocks that contain mineral elements hence releasing them from the unwanted product materials. This is also made possible through the use of calculated explosives that provide a way for the miners to reach the sought-after product. It is in this process where unmanned drill rigs make holes of pre-determined sizes on blast surface and this procedure helps in cost reduction. Once the explosives liberate the blasted rocks, an excavator is used to capture the required material. Thereafter, these materials are transported to a central conveying location and further are processed through hoist systems. The blasting equipment is also used to create larger pits for mining.


Earthmovers are used where mining operations are undertaken above the surface. These types of equipment are used to transport soil from one place to another and enable big mining and earthmoving projects to succeed. They function closely with bulldozers and other heavy mining equipment. It is the earth movers that dig the ground, push and move soil, waste materials hence allowing excavators to absorb the wanted mineral materials. Where necessary, the bulldozers are utilized in making space by moving overburden and allow the trucks and excavators to carry the mineral elements. 

Crushing equipment 

The crushing equipment is used for breaking up hard and large rock materials into smaller pieces to enable effective transportation to the final destination such as construction sites, hardware, and the market. These machines are very essential in creating pieces that are convenient to transport because they minimize the costs that are attributed to handling large stones. Almost all the mining locations have crushing equipment since when the mineral deposits are acquired they are first taken to crusher and later the screening equipment to separate the valuable resources from the waste. 

Feeding, conveying, and analysis equipment 

The feeding equipment puts the materials into the crusher for processing in which screening happens to all the big size of stones is returned to the crusher to break it in the correct size. The conveying equipment plays an important role in controlling the number of materials that are fed to the crusher thus improving the efficiency of crushes by reducing regular damages that demand repair and maintenance. 

All the above-mentioned equipment is necessary for the mining process to be effective. However, this equipment requires personnel with certified training and experience in operating them. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the mining companies to ensure the staff mandated to operate such tools have the requisite expertise to avoid risks that can cause accidents. 

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