How to Determine If Your Home Has Water Leakages

Water can be an absolute tyrant in your home if left unattended to. In fact, among all types of property insurance claims, water damage ranks first and foremost as the highest category. Why is this so? Water is a particularly tricky menace as it is flexible, difficult to spot and has a consistent presence in our environment.

In this article, we will discuss the various symptoms of water damage in your home and how you can inspect your space for it.

Sources of Water Leakages

Water that leaks into your home’s structure primarily arrives from two sources.

External Leakage Sources

Firstly, it could have arrived from an external source such as rain. In which case, your weather facing surfaces would have first suffered a leakage and allowed the water to penetrate beyond the surface. Commonly, you can expect such leaks to originate from place such as your roof, balcony and basement. These surfaces are highly exposed to rainwater and thus are placed under constant pressure.

Internal Leakage Sources

Secondly, the leak could be originating from an internal source such as your pipes or wet areas. Pipe leaks are fairly common, arising due to overwhelming pressure in your pipes, the presence of foreign objects or misalignment over time. On the other hand, wet areas such as your bathroom have a high level of moisture, thus stressing the gaps between your toilet tiles.

In either case, once water has penetrated past the surface layer, it is free to travel through the rest of your home by traversing through various pores and gaps.

Symptoms of Water Leakages

Symptoms of water leakages include those that can be seen, smelled and tested.

Peeling Paint, Browning Surfaces & Dulling Colours

Commonly, if water has been accumulating behind a wall in your home, then the structure would have started to decay. A first sign of this is in peeling paint, browning surfaces or dulling colours. As such, if you do spot a change in the colour of your wall, it may be due to the heavy presence of moisture on the other side.

Musky Smells

Ever overused a humidifier and found that your space became stuffy while the air felt heavy? If your home’s structure has accumulated water for some time, then the air will reflect this as well. You can expect to find that the air has a heavy percentage of water vapour, leading to a heavy sensation or musky smells.

Unexplained Increase in Water Bills

If you have seen any of the above symptoms, then it is a good idea to test for hidden pipe leakages in your home. This can be conducted by simply turning off water supply to your home appliances for an hour and observing your water meter. If you find that it is still increasing, then a hidden pipe leak may be in play. Alternatively, you should also check both exterior surfaces and wet areas for signs of leakages.

Getting Help for Water Leakages

If you do indeed encounter any of the signs listed here, then you need to immediately get in touch with a waterproofing specialist to conduct a thorough assessment. This is critical in order to prevent water from dealing further damage to your home’s structural integrity.

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